We take great care of our animals and in fact our farm exceeds every Soil Association standard in relation to this - even though they are among the highest in the world

Our organic beef cattle graze on grass for most of the year and we operate a rotational cropping programme to make sure they have plenty to eat.

During the winter months, they eat organic silage (preserved grass) and meadow hay.

Unlike some farming systems our calves stay with their mothers being suckled naturally until they are at least one year old, so they forge strong bonds and the young are given the best start in life. All our heifers are initially bred with our pedigree Aberdeen Angus bull to calve more easily, having a less stressful first birth experience.

During the winter months, the cattle come into our newly built state of the art barn because the weather gets too wet - described as 'luxiourious for cattle' by our Soil Association Inspector this year, it offers excellent space, ventilation and comfort for the animals. It also exceeds all of the Soil Association's welfare standards, which are among the highest in the world.

Our sheep graze in the fields all year round. Just before the lambing period starts, they are housed at night so we can keep a close eye and watch for the signs of labour. We provide birthing assistance only if needed and the lambs go into the fields with their mothers as soon as they are able to.