Don't just take our word for how good our meat is - take a look at some of the comments we've had from our customers


"This is the best mince I've had for twenty years."

Anna Raeburn, TV Broadcaster and Journalist

"Calling all Devonians, the organic meat boxes from Peradon are a winner, just doing a spag bol for other half, the mince steak is brilliant."

Kirstie Allsopp, TV presenter and mum to four, commenting on Twitter

"This beef is FANTASTIC...we had the big joint of rump and it was absolutely fantastic."

Becky Sheaves, Food Editor, Western Morning News

"This is quite simply the best organic meat I have ever had. From the first mouthful, I was in heaven. Every delicious bite oozed tenderness and flavour."

Nigel Barker, Presenter, Atlantic FM

"As a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach and Diagnostic Nutritionist, I always impress upon my clients the importance of sourcing grass fed, organic meats and animal products. The nutritional profiles including lipids and cholestrals are completely different compared to conventionally farmed animals and are an essential component of optimal health. The produce from Peradon is second to none and I never hesitate to recommend it to ALL of my clients."

Paul Smethurst, Personal Trainer and Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist

"As personal trainers we are always on the lookout for great tasting, yet healthy cuts of meat. The organic grass fed meat is the best we have tasted and from a nutritional value point, it is outstanding. The lamb chunk steaks literally melt in the mouth and as for the new gluten free sausages, we are super excited to try these out! Without hesitation we highly recommend Peradon. Once you try it, you won't settle for anything less."

Paul and Krystie

"So glad we've tried Peradon Organic Farm's beef - it's the tastiest, most succulent beef we've ever eaten."

Dr Felicity Fidoe, GP and Lottie's Mum

"I popped over on Saturday to get a couple of joints of topside for a party we were having. I just wanted to let you know that the meat was delicious and everyone kept asking where it was from. I've never been a massive fan of topside, having found even joints from good butchers were not as tender as hoped, but yours was absolutely gorgeous - more like eating steak!"

Ben Keeping, a customer

"The turkey was amazing! Thank you for your help in getting it so fast."

Jsen Wintle, a customer in London

"We had the rack of beef yesterday and can honestly say that it was probably the best beef I have eaten. Can't wait for the Christmas one."

Craig Sim, a customer in Bedford

"Just wanted to say how fantastic the beef fillet was I ordered from you. The taste was superb and the knife cut through it as if through butter."

Irene Mills

"If you are looking for Superb Organic meat, you cannot do better than to buy from Preadon organic farm. The meat is lovely and tender with excellent flavor. It may cost a little morebut is worth every penny, to have such healthy tasty meat in one's diet.The help and service provided by Peradon is second to none.They keep you well informed at all times. They are such a nice pleasent couple to deal with. Highly recommended."

J Cowsill, North Yorkshire

"I absolutely love this beef! I've tried the topside and the steaks. Buying from Peradon Organic Farm I feel confident my family is having the tastiest, most natural and nutritious meat there is."

Nicky Hutchinson, Fitness Trainer and Mum